The Happya Life

The Road to Happya

September 29, 2022 Clare Deacon Season 1 Episode 2
The Happya Life
The Road to Happya
Show Notes

In this episode I am going to give you an overview of the podcast and what you can expect as well as some insight into my personal journey and what has inspired me towards living a happya life. 
So, whether you fear judgement or rejection. 

  • Are feeling alone and just want to feel heard. 
  • If you want to believe you are worth more, you want to find a balance between your needs and those of others, to find balance between work and living. 
  • If you want to find time to care for yourself. 
  • To gain clarity and focus to set out and achieve your goals. 
  • To set the right boundaries to protect yourself and prioritise your needs and wants so you are not always compromising for others.  
  • If you want to change your mindset to acknowledge the positives in your life and let go of the negativity from the past that is holding you back. 
  • If you want to truly connect with yourself, your passions and gain a sense of meaning and purpose then let this podcast and the happya resources guide you to living your best life. 
  • Don’t let the overwhelm and anxiety take over, release yourself from things that do not support you in the life you want for yourself. 

So, who am I and what makes me qualified to do all that? 

I am a positive psychology coach and therapist an entrepreneur and the proud owner of Happya.  In recovering from trauma and playing small, conforming to others’ expectations I set out on a journey to change my life and I have never looked back. The journey wasn’t easy, but it’s one that led me to living authentically, with a passion for what I do. Feeling more energised, confident, and aligned to my life. I honour my emotions and feel empowered to keep taking bold action and continue my journey towards success.  I hope it is one which will inspire you to embrace your superpowers and fuel your desire and take action.

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