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The Happya Life

Clare Deacon

Want to live a happier life? On this show you will get proven approaches to help you achieve the life you deserve. To feel happy and fulfilled. To believe in yourself, to feel confident and energised, ready to take on your next challenge. Want to find a balance between your own needs and those of others? To let go of what is not helping you live your best life. To free yourself from overwhelm and inner critic telling you “You aren’t good enough”? Your host, Clare Deacon, is a qualified positive psychology coach and therapist and founder of Happya. With a passion for helping people like you transform from being frustrated and unhappy, hindered by past experiences, into being confident, energised, and focused, ready to fulfil your potential. Her expertise provides the benefits of both coaching and therapy, removing self-limiting beliefs, creating a path to future success, supporting you to achieve your goals.