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Showing up for your mental health

October 13, 2022 Clare Deacon Season 1 Episode 4
The Happya Life
Showing up for your mental health
Show Notes

This week saw mental health hitting the headlines with World Mental Health Day the aim of the day is to try and normalise discussions about mental health and wellbeing and to remove the shame and stigma that exists.

 So, in recognition of World Mental Health day and those individuals who held a space of non judgement I wanted to explore the judgement around mental health today.

The importance of mental health is something I champion. From my own experience I spent decades holding onto my emotions, hiding from them, squashing them down and building layer upon layer of personality traits to distort from the true version of myself. I employed defence mechanisms that I thought were keeping me safe but were really just keeping the damage on the inside until it had taken hold and would then result in me struggling to cope, retreating or displaying irrational behaviours which then added to those feelings of not being good enough. 

I was aware I needed help, but it was never my priority. I would set out with all good intentions especially around a new year / new me mantra, but nothing really changed because I wasn’t committed to the action I needed to take. I wasn’t willing to do the hard work. Whilst I continued to hide I thought I was safe, that if I hid from the reality then somehow it just wouldn’t be true. I thought I was being strong for holding on. I thought that if I let go everything would just crumble and I wouldn’t be able to get back again. The reality of course is that by letting go the things that were not supporting me, the things that were doing the damage were released and sent away and the true me, all my positive traits, my strength, my true character were able to breathe, they were able to grow. 

If we truly want to change how people perceive mental health and investment in our psychological wellbeing, we all have a responsibility to change our perceptions and what it means to be undertaking the work to exercise our minds. We need to replace those feelings of not being good enough, feelings of shame and vulnerability with feelings of pride, empowerment, of drive and motivation, to be happier, to be bold and brave and strong. 

So, if you feel brave enough and safe enough perhaps you can take a moment to hit your social media with a post that says how important it is to work on your own wellbeing and share how you look after your own mental health. What do you do in terms of your own self-care? If you tag me into your post and send me a dm and I will happily send you a something free that will support you on your journey. 

There isn’t a top athlete that doesn’t have a psychologist that they work with continuously. Without undertaking that work, without investing their time and money into their mental health they would not be able to reach their physical goals. 

Attitude, mindset, and mental wellbeing are a fundamental part of the mind body system, if either are not fully fit it is impossible to reach that no.1 position. 

Working on your mental health isn’t only useful when you are in a state of stress, when you have hit a block or are in crisis, it enables us to improve our wellbeing so we can live happier more fulfilling lives, it enables us to grow and to reach our potential. 

If you are looking for some support with your own mental health reach out, email me or dm me @happyacoach check out my website to find free resources

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