The Happya Life

Mind the Gap

October 27, 2022 Season 1 Episode 6
The Happya Life
Mind the Gap
Show Notes

So what is it that holds us back? 

Simply making the commitment to make the change is not enough, wanting it is not enough. You have to truly believe that you can make it happen and on a surface level you may think you have this box ticked you may hold a believe that you can do this but what you wont be conscious of are those hidden beliefs you hold. 

The decluttering process allows you to unlock those beliefs you are holding onto of which you may or may not be aware of so you can get closer to what you truly want. 

Letting go of your self-limiting beliefs enables you to close the gap between what you believe you can or should do (watch out for the should)! And what you actually want to achieve. Closing the gap enables you to continue on your journey towards success without having to rely on willpower to enable you to leap over the gap. If you do attempt to override the system, the likelihood is you will fall through the gap.  

So how do we close the gap? How can we do that decluttering process? 

Here are 3 steps you can take in the decluttering process; these steps will help close the gap in the path so you can continue your journey. 

These steps are an ongoing process you will constantly discover new beliefs you weren’t aware you have and as you grow and move forward to the next level you will find yourself needing to go through the stages again. 

 Step 1 Uncover what those limiting beliefs are – pull out the boxes and see what they contain

Step 2 Send the contents away make the conscious decision to let go of them.

Step 3 Fill the boxes with the contents – the belief system that is going to support you in achieving your goals. 

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