The Happya Life

Free your Mind: Release Anxiety and Worry

February 16, 2023 Clare Deacon Season 1 Episode 13
The Happya Life
Free your Mind: Release Anxiety and Worry
Show Notes

Well hello and welcome back so in today’s episode I’ve decided to do something  a little different and wanted to share with you a meditation to help you free your mind from anxiety and worry. 

It’s a little different from our usual episode but hopefully something you will find beneficial. 

This mediation has been designed to release the feelings and thoughts that are no longer serving you. We are often held back from taking action, from allowing ourselves to be who we really are or to take a step towards our goals because of some hidden beliefs we are holding onto. We hold onto these beliefs through fear in the false belief that it will keep us safe. Now it’s time to let go. 

So, before we begin, I want you to make sure you won’t be disturbed, turn off your notifications and make yourself comfortable. This is your time. 

This meditation should only be played when it is safe to do so, it should not be played when driving or undertaking any other activity. 

I’d highly recommend listening to the mediation through headphones to enhance your experience but whatever is most comfortable for you. 

So, if you are ready, make yourself comfortable, and begin to concentrate on your breathing.

Meditation Music: by NaturesEye from Pixabay / Echoes of the Forest Meditation

Music by LemonMusicStudio

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